The “Pera Todorović” award given by the Association of Journalists of Serbia (UNS) for the feuilleton went to journalist Dragoljub Stevanović for a series of articles “Ivan Vdović VD and 40 years since the new wave”, UNS announced today.

In Stevanović’s feuilleton, which was published in sequels from February 17 to March 3, the life of drummer Ivan Vdović and other young artists who were the germ of a new wave was presented in “Politika”.

From high school champions, high school days when he started playing drums in the group Lemon Tree, then bands Charlot the Acrobat and Catherine II, the feuilleton talks about this talented young musician, generation of musicians and bands of that time, propensity to vices and premature death of VD in 31. years.

The feuilleton “Ivan Vdović VD and 40 years since the new wave” is entirely the work of Stevanović, and in addition to interviews with VD’s contemporaries, the author’s meetings and conversations with Ivan’s mother give him special weight.

It is illustrated with authentic photographs from that time, which were partly provided by the family of the late Vdović, and partly by Goranka Matić, who immortalized the cult bands of the 1980s through a photo lens.

The award will be presented at the “Pera Todorović” press house in Vodice near Smederevska Palanka, the birthplace of Pero Todorović.

The UNS awards the feuilleton prize every other year, and the laureate is awarded a diploma and a gold ring.

Pera Todorović (1852-1907) was the second president (1891-1894) and the restorer of the Association of Journalists of Serbia.

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