Trapped in the snow and suffering from cold blows: 22 people died at a resort in Pakistan

Disaster in Pakistan: Twenty-two people, including ten children, died yesterday after their car got stuck in heavy snow in a resort town of Murray, north of the capital Islamabad. The doctor of the rescue services in the area, Abdul Rahman, said that most of them died from cold sores and hypothermia, but estimated that some of them also died from carbon dioxide poisoning. This, after turning on the heating in the vehicle for long periods of time.

Omar Makbul, deputy commissioner of the town of Murray, said that “the snow was so severe that heavy equipment brought to evacuate it got stuck during the night, and that temperatures dropped to minus 8 degrees Celsius.” Makbol added: “Most of the roads leading to the resorts in the area were cleared of snow by the end of Saturday, and army forces worked to evacuate the rest. The army also turned schools into aid camps, where they provided shelter and food for surviving tourists.”

Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, Pakistani interior minister, said the snow that fell at the Muree Hills resort over the weekend caused thousands of cars trapped on the roads. Ahmed added that “military forces and special units that came to the scene to help, have managed to save thousands of people, but so far, thousands more are still stuck in the area.”

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