Two weeks after the “cough speech” that raised questions about his medical condition, Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah spoke tonight (Tuesday) for the first time from his hiding place and thanked those who cared for his safety: “They said I was dead, they were looking for a replacement In Jerusalem. “Although Nasrallah overcame the cough that made it difficult for him to speak, he still occasionally cleared his throat.

Nasrallah opened his speech by referring to his health condition: “I thank all the people who cared for me, who sent me honey and distributed bread. Some people said I was dead and went into a coma. I have already started looking for a replacement. We will continue with you until we pray together in Jerusalem. “

Nasrallah mocked the political crisis in Israel and compared Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to former US President Donald Trump: “Our enemy is stupid and in a bad political situation. Netanyahu is like Trump. He is a defeated man who can do anything to get out of the crisis in which he finds himself. “

Simultaneously with Nasrallah’s speech, a memorial service was held tonight for the victims of the Second Lebanon War. The commander of the Northern Command, Major General Amir Baram, said: “Even 15 years after the Second Lebanon War, the Hezbollah terrorist army is still deterred. Nasrallah is now speaking from the bunker and we are here. Nasrallah is a reflection of society in Lebanon: weak, isolated, in health and economic crisis. The disease. “

“We stand here proudly and know that the war was not in vain. We tell our enemy to be careful not to repeat the same mistake. The next time we are better prepared for it the price will be doubly painful,” General Baram added. “Hezbollah, supported by Iran, is trying to challenge the IDF forces in the north and carry out attacks, but we can do them. Some argue that Operation Wall Guard is just a trailer for a war against Hezbollah and I agree. A war in the north will be difficult, but the blow that the IDF inflicted on Gaza is only the trailer for the power that the IDF will use in the next war in the north. “

Commander of the Northern Command, Major General Baram: “Hezbollah is still deterred. Nasrallah is now speaking from the bunker.”

Attack of coughs and rumors about Nasrallah’s condition

In a speech two weeks ago to mark the 21st anniversary of the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon, Nasrallah referred to the latest round of fighting in Gaza, boasted and added a tone of his own threat:

During the speech, Nasrallah noted that the Israeli leadership erred in assessing the threat posed to it by the Palestinians regarding events on the Temple Mount and in Sheikh Jarrah and did not anticipate the magnitude of the response. He also noted that in the last round, which he said was unlike any other round of fighting that preceded it, the Palestinians and all the “resistance organizations” as he put it joined forces in the campaign.

Nasrallah did not explicitly address the issue of launches from Lebanon, but hinted that the Palestinians “united forces.” “The equation to be reached is as follows: Jerusalem – a regional war. Israelis must understand that any such move means a regional war that will end in its destruction.” Throughout the speech, and especially in the first part, Nasrallah had difficulty speaking due to the coughing.

Following the speech, various unverified reports were published about the deteriorating health of Hezbollah’s secretary general, including raising the possibility that he had been in Corona. According to those reports, he was hospitalized, put to sleep and respirated due to his condition.

Naim Qassem, Nasrallah's deputy (Photo: Reuters, News)
Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Naim Qassem | Photo: Reuters, News

Nasrallah’s deputy, Naim Qassem, denied the rumors, claiming: “Nasrallah’s health is good. He felt unwell in recent days and needed a few days to recover. He was expected to speak so he chose to appear in public even though he did not fully recover to avoid unnecessary worry about his condition.” .

Nasrallah’s associates claimed his health had improved since the “cough speech.” A Lebanese newspaper quoted sources in the terrorist organization who denied that Nasrallah’s condition was serious, saying that he did not suffer from corona, as claimed by Israeli media. The report claims that Nasrallah suffers from pneumonia, stays at home and is being treated with antibiotics and seasonal anti-allergy drugs. Hezbollah claimed that “his condition is improving and he continues to manage the organization’s affairs.”

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