Anger in France: “Killer of Sarah Halimi Freed”

Anger and protests in the Jewish community and public opinion in France after the family of the Jewish teacher Sarah Halimi announced that her killer was no longer in the psychiatric ward where he was hospitalized, and was apparently walking free. Halimi was brutally murdered in 2017, at the age of 65, by Kobili Traura, an extremist Muslim who finds his family in Mali, who during his trial was found “irresponsible for his actions”.

The murdered woman’s son, William Atal, wrote on Twitter: “I am very saddened to announce the release of Kovili Traore, who is no longer hospitalized. Contempt for psychiatrists and defense attorneys. Antisemitic psychopathic criminal – free now.” Atal said he called the hospital where Trauma was hospitalized, and that there he was told that there was no patient with that name in their institution. Home and health authorities initially kept quiet, but eventually told the family that Traura had been relocated. Atal’s announcement was shared online by journalists, lawyers and anti-Semitic organizations, and received angry reactions from various sectors, including abusive treatment of Muslim immigrants.

Despite the clear antisemitic nature of the murder – Traora read verses aloud in the Koran and called the murdered “witch” before throwing her from the third floor, from the window of her Paris home, to her death – based on expert opinion the court ruled that Traora did not control his actions, The effect of cannabis consumed prior to the attack. After being free for some time the killer was sent to a forced psychiatric hospital. And yet, the hospital claimed that they would not be able to hold him after the madness attack passed.

Traore’s hospitalization in various institutions continued, however, under pressure from family and Jewish and political factors and various official arguments, but he continued to be a candidate for immediate release. Since the assassination, a law has been enacted in the French parliament that imposes criminal liability even on offenders who were under the influence of drugs they took voluntarily. At the same time, a parliamentary inquiry committee was set up to discuss the police’s failures, which were called to the scene on the night of the murder, but did not try to arrest the killer before carrying out his plot.

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