“The government’s priority is that the school be open in attendance”

Schools will remain open as “happens in other countries”. Prime Minister Mario Draghi said this, explaining the reasons why the government left the schools open. “The government has priority that the school is open in attendance“, underlined the premier at a press conference to illustrate the measures launched last week against Covid.

“Just look at what the inequalities were among the students. Dad provides inequalities destined to remain and which reflect on the future of students’ life, observed the Prime Minister.

“Everything we have decided is based on a constructive and continuous dialogue with local authorities”, added Draghi, referring to the position of some regional presidents on the opening of schools in the presence.

For Draghi, “There is no point in closing the school before everything else is closed, but today there is no reason to do so, we must reject a generalized use of distance learning “.” On average – the premier estimated – there have been 65 days of school lost, compared to an average of the richest countries in the world where the non-face-to-face teaching lasted 27 days. So triple. In some cities, there were only 42 school days in attendance in one year. We don’t want to do that anymore “,

We have enabled the schools to function“, assured the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi.” We have relied on the choices we have made and which today are paying off. We care very much about our boys and girls. This is why we move with attention and caution “. Bianchi then reiterated that Dad’s tool” is useful if measured at specific times and integrated into the school’s educational plans “.

The school “it is fundamental for democracy, it must be protected“said the premier.” Probably – he estimated – there will be an increase in classes in Dad in the weeks to weeks, but what we must rejecting is a generalized recourse to distance learning“.

“We must face 2022 with realism, trust and unity”, added the premier. “We want to be cautious” but also minimize the effects of the pandemic on children “and the implications” from an economic and social point of view “.

10% of the unvaccinated occupy 2/3 of the intensive

As for the vaccination obligation for over 50s, said Draghi, “those over 50 run greater risks“.” The circulation of the virus puts pressure on our hospitals again, particularly due to the effect of the unvaccinated population. ”

The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza also spoke on the subject: “The latest decree takes a very important step forward. We have now reached an absolutely significant percentage of vaccinated people, 89.41% of those over 12 have had at least one dose . Just over 10% of over 12s remain unvaccinated, yet this small minority occupies two-thirds of the places in intensive care and 50% of the beds in the medical area “.

For Speranza, “the essential objective of the government is to try to further reduce the area of ​​the unvaccinated to reduce the pressure on hospitals”. “If we want to reduce the pressure on our hospitals, if we want to save lives and in doing so encourage the restart of our country, the priority path is to reduce the area of ​​the unvaccinated. This is the choice of the government, a choice that has full and complete scientific evidence “.

When introducing measures of this magnitude, it is necessary to try to reach unanimity. They are measures of a very important social and economic significance “, clarified Draghi.” We have concentrated the measures on the age groups that occupy intensive care “, he added,” to protect their health and all of us “. that decisions have a scientific basis of course “.

Hit the pandemic without closing everything

According to the premier, “we have overcome difficult challenges in recent months, thanks to the determination and commitment of citizens, social partners, institutions, government, Parliament and local authorities. We have every reason to think that we will succeed this time too”.

Draghi then said that “the decrees have followed one another because of the complexity of the matter but also because the picture is different. The pandemic must be hit with the most important tool, namely vaccination. At the same time we try not to keep everything closed“.

In particular, “we want Italy to remain open with all precautions. Economic activity must go on. Prudence, respect for the rules and a lot of trust”. But “it is essential to be united”, reiterated Draghi.

By Editor