“This is national security”: Russia is unwilling to put up with NATO activities

US Secretary of State Wendy Sherman told a Russian counterpart today (Monday) in Geneva talks that her country was determined to reject security proposals that would not allow anyone to close NATO’s open door policy. She added that “the United States has had open and honest discussions with the Russian delegation for almost eight hours and is open to meeting with it again soon to discuss bilateral issues.”

In response, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said during the meeting that he and members of his delegation tried to explain in detail his country’s concerns about the expansion of NATO forces in Eastern Europe. “This is Russia’s national security,” he said.

There is tension between the two powers over NATO activity in Ukraine. The Russians claim that the West is trying to expand its influence and move closer to Russia’s borders.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said in the past that these are “unfriendly steps” on the part of the West. Last month he claimed to have been cheated by the United States and NATO for years because they promised him not to spread towards Russia’s borders after the collapse of the USSR.

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