Iran’s IRGC spokesman: Another round of talks with Saudi Arabia – on the agenda

On Monday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Said Khatibzadeh answered an IRNA correspondent’s question about the holding of the fifth round of talks with Saudi Arabia and Riyadh’s position on Lebanon.

Khatibazadeh’s response was that “the talks that took place between Iran and Saudi Arabia are on the agenda, and we have tried to continue our stable relations and talks, honestly and diligently, despite the differences,” he said.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman said that in the case of Lebanon, foreign elements were trying to intervene in the country, adding: “Everyone must respect the sovereignty of the places.” The Islamic Republic of Iran is working to foster greater integration among Lebanese groups.

Khatibzadeh, further responding to the presence of a Saudi delegation in Vienna, said: “These meetings are not limited to Saudi Arabia and all the countries that are in Vienna, while these consultations are not related to today and yesterday, and similar things have happened in the past.”

He added: “All countries, including Saudi Arabia, come to Vienna on a bilateral and national basis.” These bilateral meetings and talks have also taken place in person or by telephone since the period of the nuclear agreement. ”

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Referring to the foreign minister’s visit to Oman, the diplomat said: “The foreign minister’s visit to Oman is one-day and there may be a tour of another country.”

The opposite side of the turtle can not move at the speed of light

Regarding the talks in Vienna, Khatibzadeh said the negotiations were being conducted in an attempt by each side to reach a long-term result. “The female side can not move at the speed of a turtle and we can not move at the speed of light.”

Asked about the interim agreement, Khatibazadeh said: “We are looking for a stable and reliable agreement, and no agreement that does not have these two components is on our agenda.”

He added: “We must all try to ensure that the US return to the UN Security Council agreement is accompanied by the required guarantees and verification. The talks in Vienna are only about ensuring a full and reliable responsible return. The US test is with the UN Security Council “. Khatibazadeh noted that Iran and the United States were conducting non-formal proceedings and noted that the only discussion in the talks was on the removal of sanctions and the prevention of further US breaches of the agreement.

We negotiate based on reality, not optimism

“We are neither pessimistic nor optimistic,” the diplomat said. We negotiate based on reality.

Amir Abdullahian is leaving for China this weekend

Regarding the foreign minister’s visit to China, Khatibzadeh said: “Amir Abdullahian is leaving for China this weekend at the invitation of his Chinese counterpart, and we have various issues on the agenda.” The road map for 25 years is one of them. “

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