Drama in Lebanon: A German journalist and a British journalist were abducted by Hezbollah while covering the fuel crisis in the Dahiya district in Beirut, which is affiliated with the terrorist organization. The arrest of British journalist Matt Kinston has been recorded and published in the Lebanese media. After hours of worrying about their fate, the two journalists were released safely following international pressure.

The two journalists, Matt Kinston and Stella Maner, have been living in Beirut for some time and cover what is happening in Lebanon as emissaries of Western newspapers. Hezbollah arrested them this week, the first step of its kind to the terrorist organization, while they were working in the Dahiya district of Beirut. The members of the organization came to the journalists in civilian clothes and in fact kidnapped them, claiming their arrest for trespassing or something similar.

“Exhausted after nerve-wracking hours.” German journalist Stella Manner | Photo: From Stella Maner’s Instagram page

According to reports in Lebanon, no one knew where their footprints had gone and the British ambassador, who was in contact with the family of the journalist Kinston, managed to locate them and bring about their release. German journalist Stella Manner said upon her release that she was “exhausted after nerve-wracking hours.”

A kidnapped reporter p"Hezbollah in Lebanon (Photo: from Matt Kinston's Instagram page)
Released several hours later. British journalist Matt Kinston abducted in Lebanon | Photo: From Matt Kinston’s Instagram page

What is unusual about this incident is that Hezbollah actually sees the fact that the journalists came to cover the Dahiya district as “trespassing” that justifies arrest. This district in the Lebanese capital, which has a predominantly Shiite population, has for years been considered a stronghold of the terrorist organization, but today it seems that Hezbollah’s “state within a state” in Lebanon is rising to a new level.

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