After the summit with the United States, Russia assured that “it has no intention of attacking Ukraine”

The first round of security negotiations in Geneva between Russia and the United States that took place on Monday, with the outgoing news that Moscow claimed that has no intention of attacking to Ukraine, but considered that it would be a “big mistake” if NATO refuses to grant security guarantees to the Kremlin.

“Russia explained to the US that it has no plan to attack Ukraine,” said Sergei Riabkov, Russian deputy foreign minister and chief negotiator, at a press conference at his country’s permanent mission to the UN broadcast live by the public television.

In turn, Riabkov reported that Washington was taking Russia’s proposals “very seriously” on security guarantees, and urged the US government to “don’t underestimate” the risks of a confrontation.

Sergei Ryabkov, the deputy foreign minister of Russia. Photo: Bloomberg

Washington word

The United States Undersecretary of State, Wendy Sherman, reported that in the meeting with Russia reciprocal actions were discussed to establish limitations on missiles and military exercises, and warned about serious costs if Moscow invades Ukraine.

“We developed a series of ideas that our countries can adopt as reciprocal actions that would serve our security interests and enhance strategic stability,” Sherman told reporters after meeting with Russian diplomatic number two Sergei Riabkov.

In addition, he said that he had proposed continue with those dialogues to delve into details, especially with regard to the deployment of missiles.

Still, Washington warned Moscow that the NATO’s “open door policy” will continue to apply despite the fact that Russia has demanded a written commitment that Ukraine will not be able to join the Atlantic Alliance in the future, the official explained.

“We stand firm, however, in our opposition to security proposals that are simply unacceptable to the United States. We will not authorize anyone to shut down NATO’s open door policy,” Sherman insisted.

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