Raskovic Ivic: About the opposition candidate at the last moment, maybe around Sretenje
The vice president of the People’s Party, Sanda Raskovic Ivic, stated today that the name of the opposition candidate in the presidential elections will not be announced in mid-January, as it was announced, but maybe in mid-February, around Sretenje.“It is prolonging, I think it will be at the last moment when the elections are announced,” Raskovic Ivic told H1 television.

Commenting on the allegations that former governor of the National Bank of Serbia Dejan Soskic and lawyer Bozo Prelevic are being considered as possible candidates, Raskovic Ivic said that these are good candidates who have her respect.

“Those names were discussed, of course,” said Raskovic Ivic.

Asked whether the media’s allegations that relations in the opposition were in crisis were true, Raskovic Ivic said that, unlike “anonymous sources” of such news, she could say that there was no crisis in the opposition, that they were united and that the regime was afraid of that.

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