Discussions on the new government of Northern Macedonia begin on Saturday

The President of the Parliament of Northern Macedonia, Talat Xhaferi, has scheduled a session for the election of a new government on Saturday, proposed by the mandatary and leader of the Social Democratic Alliance of Macedonia (SDSM), Dimitar Kovacevski.

As it was announced from the Assembly, Kovacevski officially handed over to Xhaferi today the proposal of the composition and program of the new coalition government of Northern Macedonia, in which the backbone consists of SDSM and DUI (sobranie.mk/2020-2024-aktivnosti-ns_article-dzaferi-sednica-za-izbor- na-nova-vlada-vo-sabota.nspx).

The session for the election of the new government is scheduled to begin on Saturday, January 15, at 11:00, and the debate will last for two days.

Former Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Fatmir Bytyci, former Minister of Justice Bojan Maricic have been nominated for Minister without portfolio, and Slavica Grkovska and Dzemail Cupi are new.

Kovacevski proposed Slavjanka Petrovska as the new Minister of Defense, and Minister of Justice Nikola Tupancevski, Minister of Health Bekim Sali, Minister of Health Jeton Shaqiri, Minister of Labor Jovana Trencevska, Minister of Information Society and Administration Admirim Aliti and Minister of Culture Biser Kostadinovska-Stojcevska.

The Minister of the Interior will remain Oliver Spasovski, and the same functions will be retained by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani, Transport and Communications Bjagoj Bočvarski, Finance Fatmir Besimi and Economy Krešnik Bekteši.

The Ministry of Political System and Inter-Community Relations and Kovacevski’s government will be headed by Artan Grubi, the Ministry of Local Self-Government by Goran Milevski, the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning by Naser Nuredini, while the Deputy Prime Minister for Anti-Corruption Ljupco Nikolovski will return to head the Ministry of Agriculture.

On December 29, 2021, the President of Northern Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, presented the SDSM leader with a mandate for the composition of the new government of Northern Macedonia.

Kovacevski will replace Zoran Zaev at the head of the government of Northern Macedonia, who resigned as prime minister and leader of the left-wing SDSM due to his defeat by the conservative VMRO DPMNE in last October’s local elections.

The ruling majority, around SDSM and the Albanian DUI party, has 64 members in the northern Macedonian parliament with 120 seats.

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