Police officers and protesters clash in the Bulgarian capital during a protest over restrictions

The Bulgarian security forces have repressed a protest called in front of Parliament on Wednesday against the imposition of the COVID certificate, the same day that the country has registered for the first time more than 7,000 new cases of coronavirus.

Bulgaria, one of the countries in Europe with the worst vaccination rate against COVID-19 – less than 30 percent of the population has completed the pattern – aims to reinforce this campaign by forcing the population to demonstrate that they are immunized to access most of the public activities.

The nationalist group Vazrazhdane had called for mobilization against this measure and hundreds of people have responded to the call in front of Parliament, where there have been clashes between protesters and police.

The authorities have reported the arrest of a person who was carrying a compressed air pistol, according to the Novinite portal. In addition, at least four members of the security forces have been injured.

Meanwhile, coronavirus infections continue to grow. The Government has notified this Tuesday 7,062 new positives, a record for the entire pandemic, and has increased to more than 5,200 patients admitted to hospitals, 580 of them in intensive care units.

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