Days after he was killed: The body of the person killed in clashes in Kazakhstan will be brought to Israel

The coffin of the late Levan Kojiashvili, who was killed in clashes in Kazakhstan, was transferred today (Wednesday) from the city of Almaty to Astana Airport and he will be flown to Israel tomorrow. Since only transport planes were allowed to leave Kazakhstan at that time.

The Foreign Ministry announced last Friday that 22-year-old Ben Kojiashvili had been killed by gunfire in the Kazakh city of Alhati, as part of the country’s violent riots. Ben was apparently shot by stray gunfire near his home while driving to work, and he was not involved in the demonstrations.

Ben and his family immigrated to Israel in the 1990s and he grew up and was educated in Ashdod. He traveled several years ago to study dentistry in Kazakhstan, and worked in parallel with his studies in the real estate business. In addition, he had business activities in Israel.

By Editor