Pretend to be a “treasurer”: Three Israelis are on trial in France on charges of fraud

Three defendants with Israeli and French citizenship are on trial in France for fraud by impersonating company executives. Two of the defendants were extradited last month by Israel, which is usually in no hurry to extradite its citizens, and a third was arrested at Paris airport.

The three are accused of impersonating managers and bankers, and ordered officials at 150 companies and 43 private entities to transfer funds amounting to 1.1 million euros to accounts abroad. A supply chain for large department stores among the entities has also fallen victim to fraud. They were required by a mock finance official to transfer funds to assist the government to victims from the Corona. Other citizens were persuaded to invest in parking lots that did not exist. All calls were made from Israel.

Gregory Shelley, a 39-year-old Israeli-French citizen living in Ashdod and a former member of the Jewish Defense League known as “Olken,” was sentenced in Paris to two and a half years in prison for 14 hostile acts of harassment by telephone and other digital means, damaging politicians, journalists and others. Their anti-Israel activities, in his opinion. According to the presiding judge, Elkan’s actions harmed the mental state of the assailants and caused them suffering in death threats, use of police forces for false actions and more.

Among his victims, Lil’s socialist mayor, Martin Aubrey, who decided to cancel the twin alliance with an Israeli city following an IDF operation in Gaza. It called police, impersonated the mayor’s husband and stated that he killed his wife with a knife and that he was fortified with a gun in his home.

He also phoned the funeral services who would come to collect her body. He did the same with the leader of the BDS boycott organization in France, Olivia Zamor. However, the parents of the journalist, Pierre Husky, announced, impersonating a police inspector, that their son had been brutally murdered. The father died of a heart attack a few days later.

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