Ecological uprising: On Saturday, blockades in Belgrade, Uzice, Preljina, near the border crossing Trbusnica
Environmental organizations called on citizens today to join the roadblocks at several locations in Serbia on Saturday, January 15, due to the failure to solve environmental problems.

The locations in Belgrade, the highway near the Sava Center, the border crossing Trbusnica in Loznica, then Preljina, Uzice – the Lozionica bridge, Pesak put Pozega – Kosjeric, Nova Varos … will be blocked, the Ecological Uprising announced.

The Association of Environmental Organizations of Serbia, Akcija, the Ecological Front Novi Sad and many other environmental organizations also called for the blockades, it is stated in the announcement.

They reminded that yesterday, they left requests at the office of the building of the Government of Serbia and added that “government representatives fled from the citizens yesterday, and today they pretend to be dead”.

“That is why we are all going to the blockades on Saturday!”, It is stated in the announcement.

They reminded that they demand that everything signed with Rio Tinto be put on the table, ie published, and that the Government decree on the spatial plan for the “Jadar” project be revoked.

“After this, we will talk about the moratorium and the other 40 planned mines that they planned to legalize through the Post Plan of Serbia,” it is stated in the announcement.

They pointed out that “the biggest nightmare (of the President of Serbia) Aleksandar Vučić in his career is called Rio Tinto”.

They also stated that “the citizens said theirs”, and added that “they (the authorities) are ashamed to listen to that”.

“That is why we call on all citizens to block the highway in Belgrade near the Sava Center at 1 pm,” the Ecological Uprising added.

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