Let’s not drown Belgrade joins the traffic blockade on Saturday

The “Let’s not drown Belgrade” movement announced today that it joins the call of the Association of Environmental Organizations of Serbia (SEOS) to block the highway on the Gazelle Bridge in Belgrade and other important roads throughout Serbia.

The blockades have been announced for Saturday, January 15 at 1 p.m.

“We call on all citizens to show solidarity with the people of western Serbia who will be the first to be hit by Rio tinto. The consequences of lithium mining will be felt in other parts of Serbia, including Belgrade,” the statement said.

Radomir Lazović, a member of the Let’s Not Drown Belgrade movement, pointed out that it is necessary to change the current government, which, as he assessed, enables dirty technologies and destruction of the environment due to its benefits.

“Our society is facing complex problems, such as air, water and land pollution, arrogant devastation of nature, looting of public goods, but also an increasing reduction in the quality of life of citizens and the collapse of labor rights,” he added.

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