Petar Topoljski from Nis has been engraving weapons for three decades and is considered one of the best, if not the best masters of that craft, because unlike other engravers who get paintings by drawing and shading, he makes engravings in three dimensions.

In his engravings, bears, deer and other animals look “alive”, they can be seen and touched.

Topoljski started engraving, but also woodcarving in 1991, at about the same time as he started hunting. Until then, he was engaged in spearfishing and underwater photography, mainly at sea in Croatia, but also in many other seas.

“As I could no longer go there because of the war in Croatia, I turned to hunting. I bought a rifle, but it was quite ordinary. I looked at rifles engraved, adjusted, but I couldn’t buy them because they were expensive at the time. 20,000 or 30,000 euros each, “Topoljski told Beta.

Although he had no experience, he added, he did an engraving on his rifle very well, and then he engraved the rifles of his friends in Pristina, where he worked in the police until 1999.

“That’s how I started to do engraving. I didn’t go to any engraving schools, I’m self-taught. In order to be able to work freely, I had to take a master’s exam and get a certificate. I passed the exam first for an engraver and then for woodcarving,” he said. is Topoljski.

According to him, over the past three decades of engraving and woodcarving, many rifles, knives and pistols and weapon boxes have passed through his small workshop, and he has also made other supplies for hunters, such as hunting ties, hats and ornaments.

As he said, he participated in numerous fairs and won dozens of diplomas and awards.

“In Nuremberg, the knife I engraved was declared the ‘knife of the year’. In Kragujevac, the city of engravers, I won the ‘grand prix’ three times for engravings. I’m already ‘digging’ “, explained Topoljski.

His works, he added, are found almost all over Europe and the world, and among them are not only engraved pieces of weapons, but also paintings and icons.

“I engrave glass and the icon of St. George, for example, I made for our man from Australia. I also make oil on canvas. Among the paintings I painted is a portrait of my son who was abducted and killed by Albanians in Kosovo in 2000. He worked there with Doctors without border, “Topoljski said.

In his home in Nis, Topoljski also has his own small collection of knives that he engraved, as well as hunting trophies, pipes and other antiques.

He added that one can earn modestly from this craft today because the prices of engraving range from 200 euros to several thousand euros, which, as he says, is too expensive for the people.

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