‘To ask the profession’ launched an independent public opinion poll before the election

The movement “Let the profession ask itself” announced today that a “large independent public opinion poll” is underway on a significant sample of respondents, launched with the desire to establish the capacity of current political actors before the upcoming elections.

“The task of the research is to determine the starting ratings of future presidential candidates from among those already mentioned in public, to measure the rating of existing opposition blocs already known to the public and political blocs whose gatherings are expected,” the movement said in a statement.

The movement emphasized that the most important goal of the research is to examine how many places there are in public for new people in politics, for a political bloc that gathers people who have never been in politics or have been in politics and managed to preserve their “ordinaryness”.

“The research should also show how much space there is for experienced, materialized people to lead the people, with a trace behind them in the eyes of the voters who gather in this movement. an option that we have not seen so far in Serbia’s policy, “the statement added.

The president of the movement “To ask the profession”, Vladimir Kovacevic, announced that the results of the research will be published at the end of next week.

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