For the third time in two weeks: North Korea has tested ballistic missiles

Authorities in South Korea reported today (Friday) that in North Korea they have conducted an experiment with two ballistic missiles. Unusually, this is the third time in two weeks that such experiments have been performed. According to reports, the two missiles reached a distance of about 430 km and an altitude of about 36 km.

The trials also come after North Korea yesterday sharply criticized US sanctions imposed on a number of North Korean officials working to obtain technological equipment for missile programs, and also because of the United States’ intention to ask the UN to impose further sanctions on them.

According to estimates in the United States, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has returned to trying to put pressure on Western countries through missile launches before negotiating. North Korea claims that “Americans are behaving like gangsters. This is our legitimate right to self-defense. The United States is deliberately escalating the situation by imposing new sanctions to isolate North Korea.”

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said of previous missile launches: “It undermines stability in the region. North Korea is just trying to attract attention, but we are very focused with our South Korean and Japanese allies to make sure they and we are properly protected, and that North Korea’s actions have consequences. “.

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