Report: Russia prepares operation to justify invasion of Ukraine

A US intelligence report has revealed that Russia has deployed a group of operatives at the border to carry out an operation to justify the invasion of eastern Ukraine, a CNN official said tonight (Friday). For use against the Russian army.

The U.S. official also said the Biden administration believed Russia could prepare for an invasion of Ukraine “that could lead to widespread human rights abuses and war crimes.” Last month, another U.S. intelligence report revealed that Russia is planning a military offensive against Ukraine, which is expected to take place in early 2022.

A senior official from the Biden administration told the AP that Russia plans to place about 175,000 troops at the border, with about half of them already deployed at various points. The assessments came in the wake of Russia’s demands that Ukraine not become part of the NATO alliance.

Recall, the Polish Foreign Minister, Zbigniew see, Warned of the deteriorating situation in Eastern Europe around tensions between Russia and Ukraine. “For several weeks we have been facing the prospect of escalation, but now Europe is at the greatest risk of war in 30 years.” This is after the Kremlin spokesman said of the talks with the United States and NATO that “they were not successful,” he said.

Training of Ukrainian soldiers on the border with Russia (Photo: REUTERS / Gleb Garanich)

US Vice President Kamla Harris said last month that Washington had warned Russia of the expected consequences in the event of a military operation in Ukraine. In response, the Kremlin spokesman said that “as long as the US does this, we will see it as a severance of diplomatic relations.”

Also regarding NATO proposals in talks on Russian troops’ locations near Ukraine, the Kremlin made it clear that they were not interested in external intervention, saying: “We suggest NATO not dictate where to deploy our troops.” In addition, Moscow said at the end of the talks between the powers that “although we saw some positive points but that was not the main goal. Russia expects to see significant results on the talks and is waiting for an orderly response to the proposals we made.”

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