The center.right launches Berlusconi.  But the crux of numbers remains

Silvio Berlusconi has formally obtained the commitment of all the leaders of the center-right parties to support him in his eventual race to the Colle. Possible because, even if the Knight appears very determined in view of the game that opens on January 24, there is not yet the formalization of his candidacy but only the exhortation of Lega, Fratelli d’Italia and the centrists of Coraggio Italia, We with Italy and UDC to “dissolve the reserve”.

“If you support me I will go ahead”, said the president of Forza Italia, at the top of Villa Grande. In exchange, obtaining the go-ahead from the allies, who countersigned a joint document declaring the coalition’s “unity of purpose”, professed the “right and duty to propose a candidacy”, and it was agreed that Berlusconi “is the a suitable figure to fill the high office with the authority and experience that the country deserves and that Italians expect in this difficult situation “.

Scouting among the big voters

Cavaliere needed this formal commitment by the allies to dispel doubts about the loyal support of the other parties in the coalition, which, fueled by press reports, were representing an obstacle to his search for support among parliamentarians and delegates from other parties. In his perspective, Berlusconi thus manages to ‘gain’ ten days, another precious time for ‘scouting’ among the ‘big voters’. Guarantees on votes and numbers were requested, during the summit, by both Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni, and it was decided that these verification operations will from now on be entrusted to a ‘standing committee’ composed of the group leaders of the various parties .

Electoral law

The center-right parties instead split over the electoral law, with Luigi Brugnaro of Coraggio Italia who, after a discussion with the vice president of the Senate of FdI Ignazio La Russa, refused to sign the document in which all the other leaders – besides to Berlusconi, Salvini, Meloni, Maurizio Lupi and Lorenzo Cesa – they pledged not to “change” the electoral law. The day before yesterday, in a meeting in the House, the CI group had asked the coalition to commit itself to a reform of the voting system in a proportional sense.

Berlusconi appeared “very institutional, less jocular and bold” in the eyes of a big member of the coalition who has a ten-year habit of working lunches with the Knight. Eggplant parmigiana, baked sea bass, grilled squid and artichokes, the atmosphere at the table was described as “genuinely cordial” in a note leaked by the League.

Common path

“In confirming mutual respect for the various choices regarding the Draghi government, the leaders of the coalition agree on the need for a common and coherent path, which goes from the choice of the new head of state to the next political elections, also enhancing the opportunities for convergence parliamentarian on the contents that have always been the common heritage of the coalition “. it was specified in the joint note issued at the end of the summit. “The figure of the new President of the Republic must guarantee the authority, balance and international prestige of those who have the responsibility of representing the unity of the nation.

In light of these considerations, the center-right, which represents the relative majority in the assembly called to elect the new head of state, has the right and the duty to propose the candidacy at the highest level of the institutions – it was reiterated -. The coalition leaders agreed that Silvio Berlusconi is the right figure to fill the high office in this difficult situation with the authority and experience that the country deserves and that Italians expect. They therefore ask him to favorably dissolve the reserve maintained up to now. On this indication, the political forces of the center-right will work to find the widest convergences in Parliament and also ask the presidents of the Chamber and Senate to take all initiatives aimed at guaranteeing the exercise of the constitutional right for all 1009 great voters. vote”.

Compact team

The center-right is “a compact team”, Salvini commented, at the end of the meeting, and “it must be so from the beginning to the end” of this match, “whatever happens”. During the summit, the Northern League secretary asked explicitly to Berlusconi’s dissolve the reserve regarding your candidacy e to give reassurance about numbers and above all the names of the great voters who should support him, especially outside the center-right, have leaked from the League secretariat.

The former Minister of the Interior presented himself at Villa Grande with the historical detail of the election of the last presidents of the Republic, from Oscar Luigi Scalfaro to Sergio Mattarella, to reiterate how many votes they took and in which vote: one way – yes commented – to highlight the delicacy of the game and the numbers needed to bring home the result. Salvini also confided that he has been in contact for some time with all the leaders with the ambition of “easing the climate”. For the League, Mario Draghi must continue to be prime minister, he then pointed out.

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