President of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti: “Simpler rules against Covid”

An “appeal to the Government” from the president of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti: “It is time to fight against the bureaucracy from Covid, to simplify people’s lives and return to normality as much as possible compatible with the need to fight the virus “, writes the governor of Lazio in a letter published by ‘Corriere della Sera’, underlining that” we must do it, too as a form of respect towards all and all those who, with responsibility, have chosen to be vaccinated “.

Zingaretti, in fact, observes that “rules, norms and indications have gradually accumulated and now I think it is appropriate to think about the construction of a new equilibrium: rclear, effective and simple rules to respect and commitment to relaunch the vaccination campaign“.

The president of the Lazio Region, therefore, in his letter proposes “three simplification measures and common sense”: a “first step”, according to Zingaretti, would be “to stop self-monitoring in the event of close contact with Covid positives without the performing a tampon after 5 days. Otherwise, especially for girls and boys, girls and boys who go to school and for their parents it will be an ordeal. In addition, a clear word is needed on the non-obligation of a medical certificate for the return at school or at work “.

And again: Zingaretti observes that “in some countries, such as the United States, asymptomatic positives after 5 days of quarantine in the absence of symptoms are already free to go out and home, even without a tampon and certificate of recovery. Everything is based on the belief that an asymptomatic person, after incubation and the very first days from the positive result of the swab, is no longer contagious.. The Technical Scientific Committee is invested with this issue and if the evaluation is confirmed and positive, once the vaccination cycle is completed, we could also do it in Italy “.

The third proposal concerns the green pass: “Today the suspension and reactivation of the green pass is often working in fits and starts with delays and malfunctions. Also in this case – writes the governor of Lazio – one could think of simplifying the life of asymptomatic positives who have completed the vaccination cycle avoiding the suspension of the green pass, maintaining the 5-day quarantine recommendation “.

By Editor