Friday parties: Johnson fights for political survival with a sweeping blow

Internal Investigations

This information joins reports that have ensured that Johnson has long been fighting for his political survival. He apologized for a garden party at his official residence in Parliament on Wednesday, but further revelations followed, including celebrations on the eve of the funeral of Queen Consort Prince Philip in April 2021. At that time, strict contact and distance rules applied in Great Britain. Queen Elizabeth II therefore had to sit all alone in the chapel of her Windsor residence when her longtime husband was buried. Internal investigations into the Downing Street lockdown parties are ongoing, and Johnson wants to await the results.

Now there have been Friday meetings at the end of the week in the British seat of government, not just since Johnson. The problem is that this get-together is noisy Mirror-Indications continued even after corona restrictions were put in place and indoor meetings of different households were prohibited. The picture was taken on the island: While all Britons – including even the Queen – endured under strict lockdown measures, Downing Street applied much looser standards to itself – and with the tolerance of Premier Johnson.

criticism from within their own ranks

All of this negative headlines have sent Johnson and his Tories down in the polls. One consequence of all this: several Tory MPs are now openly calling for his resignation, and MP Tim Loughton joined them at the weekend.

“I have regrettably come to the conclusion that Boris Johnson’s position is now untenable, that his resignation is the only way to bring this whole unfortunate episode to an end,” Loughton wrote on Facebook. He is not concerned with how many sausage rolls or glasses of Prosecco the Prime Minister has consumed, but how he has dealt with the revelations of the past few weeks. “Obfuscation, misrepresentation and subterfuge were the order of the day when clarity, honesty and remorse was what was needed and what the British people deserved.”

Others credit Johnson with the same remorse. Tory Secretary General Oliver Dowden said on Sunday that he could assure the British that the Prime Minister was remorseful BBC. “But more importantly, he is determined to ensure that doesn’t happen and that we address the underlying culture at Downing Street.” There were mistakes in the seat of government – but Dowden did not see a reason for Johnson’s resignation.

Rundumschlag in Dowing Street

Johnson’s closest employees could now bloom in a timely manner. As the Sunday Times reported on Sunday, Johnson plans to carry out a thorough cleaning of Downing Street and make a series of “populist announcements” to save his skin. His plans should also include lifting the remaining corona restrictions on January 26th.

According to the report, Johnson refuses to take responsibility for the government crisis himself. At meetings in the past few days, he is said to have accused his team of not having protected him. Johnson’s office manager Martin Reynolds, who invited staff to the garden party with an email appeal to “bring your own alcohol” despite lockdown rules, his deputy Stuart Glassborow and chief of staff Dan Rosenfield are said to be the most likely candidates to leave Downing Street have to.

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