The US Treasury Department announced today (Friday) the lifting of sanctions against three Iranian elements. A statement from the ministry said in a statement that “the move does not reflect a change in policy towards Iran, nor will it affect talks on a nuclear deal.”

Meanwhile, the names of the three have been released, including: Bahzad Pardus, Mahrez Pardus and Muhammad Raza Dzpolian. The three companies are alleged to provide support to entities associated with the ballistic missile array in Iran. “The three are unrelated to the talks currently taking place in Vienna,” a U.S. Treasury Department spokesman added.

Last week, the NBC network reported that the Biden administration was considering lifting the sanctions imposed on Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, as part of negotiations to return to the 2015 nuclear deal. However, during the week there was an increase in military tensions between the United States and Iran, with the former initiating a major attack on the Syrian-Iraqi border, against pro-Iranian militia forces. In response, the forces announced their intention to “take revenge.”

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