Manojlovic: We ask the Prime Minister to enable the collection of signatures for the people’s initiative (VIDEO)

Addressing those gathered at the protest, Manojlović said that it was a request and that the people’s initiative, after collecting 30,000 signatures, be put to a vote in the Serbian Parliament, before its dissolution.

As he stated, the second option is for the government to put a 20-year moratorium on the extraction of pine and lithium next week, for which, as he stated, “Prime Minister Ana Brnabić stated that” the deadline is tomorrow at 10:00 am “, otherwise protests will take place. are organized on Saturdays to continue.

Addressing the audience, Manojlović said that “there has been an initiative against the reality show for two years in the National Assembly”, which is, as he stated, “unconstitutional”, waiting for the cabinet of Ana Brnabić to give an opinion.

“He does not give an opinion on this initiative because they are afraid that if they tend to have a reality show, they will become the biggest reality show in Serbia. We experienced an attack in front of the Assembly. Ana Brnabic said that the initiative was illiterate. that we are plagiarists and Zvonko Veselinović that we are criminals “, said Manojlović.
He said that he was asking Ana Brnabić to state whether she was ready to guarantee that all municipal services would be available to certify signatures from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm every working day and weekend, to enable them to go out on the field and that “they will not there will be obstructions and if any person who collects signatures is attacked, they will be held accountable. ”

“And are they ready to propose this people’s initiative to the Serbian government before the Assembly is dissolved and before the elections? We are ready not to collect 30,000 signatures, we will collect 50,000 in ten days, but we ask the National Assembly to declare itself before the elections.” the other option is to vote immediately, “Manojlovic said.

According to him, the proposal to the Serbian government is valid until tomorrow at 10:00 AM, otherwise “next week will be a new step and we have new blockades”.

“They came out in the last elections with the slogan ‘For our children’. We ask them to fulfill their promise with a decision on the people’s initiative and decide something that concerns all children in Serbia. Maybe they wrote off the future of this country, but the return of those written off will begin soon.” , said Manojlovic.

Manojlovic stated that “over 100 coordinators and over 4,000 people who want to collect signatures applied” for the people’s initiative.

The gathered then, led by Manojlović, headed to the Serbian government to “hand over the ticket to Rio Tinta in one direction”.

On the way to the Serbian government, there was an incident with drivers, because the traffic was not stopped, which the participants in the protest started to regulate.

Addressing the protesters in front of the Serbian government, Manojlovic said that such behavior of the government was “a shame towards taxpayers”, and added that “the rally was reported, as well as the route” of movement, but that “the police took refuge” so the students regulated traffic and missed vehicles.

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