Blitz on Sandringham estate, King’s lambs rescued

Other than grazing happily, those lambs “were destined for slaughter”: because of this three activists last night I am enter Sandringham Estate, England, and rescued three of the king’s ‘lambs’. But now the three ‘adepts’ of Animal Rising they will have to answer for theft.

It happened all night long: the three, wearing pink T-shirts, around 20:00 on Wednesday evening, climbed over the fence of the royal estate, each took a lamb and put it in a van, which then disappeared. The three even had themselves photographed inside the van, each hugging the rescued lamb. Now the three – who were also named, Sammy, Sunny e Sooty– they are “somewhere safe”, a spokeswoman said this morning, “where they can live in peace”.

The Sandringham estate, over 8,000 hectares in Norfolk, has been owned by the royal family since 1862; it is on its grounds that Sandringham House, the residence where the Windsors spend Christmas. In 2018 a flock of sheep was brought to the estate which, grazing outdoors, serves to fertilize the land; but in the spring, part of the lambs are slaughtered and the meats used to supply local restaurants and slaughterhouses.

Hence, the animal rights blitz: Animal Rising is connected to Just Stop Oil, the environmental group that protests against the use of fossil fuels. This morning the three women gave themselves up to police in Windsor, hoisting placards reading: ‘I saved the king’s lamb’, ‘This is how we love animals’. From Buckingham Palace, no comment, just the notation that this is a police matter.

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