Civic upheaval: Why was Jankov suspended, we suspect the intimidation of educators
The non-governmental association Civic Revival from Zrenjanin today called on the director of the high school there, Milan Radaković, to present to the public all the details regarding the suspension of sociology professor Senka Jankov, expressing suspicion that this was done in order to “intimidate educators who participate in citizens’ protests against violence.”

According to the information available so far, Jankov is accused of violating Article 113 of the Law on the Basics of the Education and Training System, which reads: ‘party organization and activity in the institution and the use of the institution’s premises for these purposes are prohibited,'” said Civic Revolution.

As it was emphasized, “given that the public does not know that Mrs. Jankov is engaged in party work, there is a justified suspicion that this is an abuse of the law at the behest of the current government, in order to intimidate educators who participate in citizen protests against violence.”

“The government of the Serbian Progressive Party has long denied all citizens who cultivate critical thinking and use the constitutional right to freedom of speech, regardless of whether
whether they are journalists, members of non-governmental organizations, scientists or artists, it is treated as the opposition, accusing them of working against the state,” stated the Civic Revolution.

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