Even the Rai appointments divide the opposition

The latest appointments in Rai separate, once again, the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement. Councilor Di Majo, in the M5s share, abstained on the board of directors, causing the irritation of the other opposition forces. “It is not correct to say that the abstention vote on the Board of director Di Majo unlocked the center-right game on the Rai appointments is not correct”, say the pentastellati in Rai Supervision in a note. “His abstention – it is explained in a note – is in full line with the vote expressed in the previous board of directors on the new managing director, and evidently expresses the will to avoid an a priori conflict prejudicial to the company and evaluate the next moves of the current governance and of the government in general”.

“We await them at the test bench of the next company choices and above all on the prospect of a real reform of the public service”, the thesis. “Who knows if Elly Schlein, Francesco Boccia and singing company have noticed the expansion of the right-wing majority to the M5s? Or will they continue to pursue Joseph Conte who occupied, in agreement with the president Meloni, everything he could “, attacks Naples, from Action. And the deputy of Az-Iv Faraone uses the weapon of irony. “New episode of the M5s epic: the story of the tough fight unleashed by our heroes against the Meloni government. Rai also fought like lions on the appointments, but in the end they had to give in. To be continued…”.

Conte invokes the square

Beyond the administrative distances, M5s and Pd also differ on the square, even if on Saturday there will be a demonstration in which the dem, pentastellati and Avs join to raise the minimum wage. The president of the 5-star movement, Giuseppe Conte, announced a five-star demonstration against government policies at work and against precariousness. The event will be held on June 17, in Rome.

“Italians – underlined the former prime minister – cannot be underpaid. We cannot forget the heroes of the pandemic, doctors and health care workers. We must invest more in health care, in our young people who go to school. Let’s fight all this”. “However, they managed to find money for more military supplies, for more weapons and ammunition, to fuel this military escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Are these the Meloni government policies we want? Obviously not”, he explained in a video in which ‘pushes’ the prime minister away from the shot.

The goal of the pentastellati is to relaunch the battles of the 5-star Movement, with Grillo who sounded the charge on Tuesday, underlining the need to focus on other issues as well. The founder of the Movement focused, among other things, on Artificial Intelligence, but he also spoke of internal issues of the Movement, opening up the possibility for those who have served two terms to present themselves as a mayoral candidate. A novelty that many of the M5s parliamentary groups have welcomed as positive.

“It can be the basis for overcoming the dual mandate constraint,” observes a senator. “It is an opportunity to strengthen the territory. There could also be a grassroots vote on this point”, also remarked a deputy.

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