Go – change: Protests against the ban on the research of boron and lithium in the whole of Serbia
The Kreni-promeni initiative announced today that it will continue with a new series of protests until the Government or the Serbian Parliament proposes and introduces a ban on boron and lithium research by law, and announced a new protest for next Thursday in front of the Presidency.According to the statement, the government did not guarantee that the people’s initiative to ban the research of boron and lithium, which Kreni-promeni was supposed to initiate, will be put to the vote before the elections are announced.

“The letter clearly states that without the guarantees they would receive today, we will not enter the process of collecting signatures for the people’s initiative,” they stated from Kreni-promeni.

They pointed out that the ban on digging for pine and lithium would be the fulfillment of their last request and that they would continue with the protests until it is fulfilled.

“It is completely illogical that due to environmentally harmful research and exploitation of boron and lithium, a de facto ban is implemented on a part of the territory. As Jadar is protected, we need to protect the whole of Serbia,” the statement reads.

According to them, if the ban were not introduced at the level of the whole of Serbia, the company “Rio Tinto” would have stronger arguments on a possible lawsuit, that is, that they were discriminated against for political reasons in relation to other companies.

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