The search for survivors and the remains of the dead in the 12-story apartment complex in Surfside, Miami, Florida, was stopped last night, the Jerusalem Post reported today (Sunday). Officials said the demolition of the 12-story building complex could take place today, before its expected arrival in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtropical storm Elsa.

“We do not have a specific time for demolition,” Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniela Levin Cava said. According to her, the preparations needed for the demolition include “drilling in the pillars” and make the site unsafe for further search and rescue.

“We are moving as fast as possible,” Cava said, adding, “We still hope we can carry out the demolition before the storm. As of this hour we will not have to evacuate any nearby building.” According to her, the families of the victims have been updated on the decision and “they understand” it.

Firefighters said the building would be removed in a controlled manner using explosives, and not using a destruction bullet or other methods. Officials said contractors inspected the site yesterday to plan the demolition plan for the building.

Yesterday, two more people were found at the site of the collapse of the apartment building. Meanwhile, the death toll from the disaster stands at 24 people, with 124 still defined as missing.

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