On the way to war with Russia? The US State Department issued an official travel warning last night (Monday) warning of travel to Russia in the shadow of tensions with Ukraine. This, after the Americans had already begun yesterday to partially evacuate the embassies and diplomatic representatives.

“U.S. citizens should not travel to Russia due to ongoing tensions along the border with Ukraine,” the State Department said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported that President Joe Biden is considering sending thousands of American troops to Eastern Europe to be deployed in the territories of the Baltic states and NATO member states in Eastern Europe. US military involvement in the wake of growing fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

At a meeting on Saturday on the subject, senior Pentagon officials presented Biden with a number of options, including sending 1,000 to 5,000 soldiers to Eastern European countries. This, with the possibility of increasing this number tenfold if necessary if the situation deteriorates.

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Russian military forces in a military exercise near Ukraine (Photo: Reuters)

And while the world as a pharmacy in preparation for a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine, Kiev residents are showing considerable indifference to the commotion around, and many of them, who went out with their families for a Sunday walk in the parks, expressed distrust that Russian soldiers would soon be seen on the streets.

“It seems to me that they are exaggerating here,” said Sergei, a computer man, and continued on his way with his little son. Although some older men and women carried signs against the “Russian occupation intentions” in Parliament Square, a slightly larger demonstration was that of supporters of former President Poroshenko, who returned to Kiev to stand trial.

Diplomats have admitted that while the excitement shown by the United States and Britain is helping Ukraine in the conflict, they themselves are trying to avoid irritability, and President Zilensky has been criticized for declaring that the Russians could occupy the city of Kharkov.

Meanwhile, only the US has announced the partial evacuation of diplomatic families and non-essential staff of its embassy. No other embassy has taken these steps. The Israeli embassy has only called on Israelis staying in Ukraine to register at the embassy.

Ukrainian soldiers interviewed in the border area with Lugansk estimated that “eventually the Russians will come, and we will be ready if we have support,” but India that so far has not seen any feature on the other side.

Kiev is expecting an American response to Russia’s letter of demand and a possible meeting between foreign ministers in Linkan and Lavrov, not before the weekend. On Wednesday, senior officials of the Forum of Normandy – Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany – will meet in Paris for the first time in a long time with the direct participation of Russia and Ukraine.

The talk of the day was about information released by the British Foreign Office, which according to intelligence sources – the Russian government plans to “place a pro-Russian leader in Kiev while considering whether to invade and occupy Ukraine.”

Foreign Minister Blinken said: “We have been warning for weeks of a Russian invasion of Ukraine and of its attempts to overthrow the government. We warned that Russia would stage a provocation to justify its entry into Ukraine. “

In Germany, the resignation of the German naval commander, Vice Admiral Kai Schoenbach, who created a diplomatic crisis between Germany and Ukraine after expressing himself on an official visit to India over tensions on the Ukrainian border, has been announced. He argued that the Crimean peninsula already belonged to Russia, and that Putin should be respected. This statement completely contradicts the official position of the German government.

The defense ministers of Britain and Russia have agreed to meet. German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht told a local newspaper that Berlin denies sending weapons to Ukraine, amid a possible confrontation between it and Russia. The German rejection, which joins the refusal of Estonia to send Germany-made weapons to Ukraine, comes at a time when Britain has started sending anti-tank missiles and other weapons to Ukraine.

And in the atmosphere of the threat of war and Corona, an international conference organized by the Association of Jewish Organizations in Europe, with 17 official delegations, on an equally serious threat – anti-Semitism in Europe – will be held today and tomorrow in Kiev and the Babi Yar website.

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