For the quorum 672 votes are needed, we are moving towards the en plein of blank ballots

The black smoke appears to be discounted at the end of the first day of parliamentary votes in joint session. The quorum of two thirds, required by the Constitution for the first three ballots, in fact, is a difficult objective to achieve in the absence of a broad agreement between the main political forces.

E the agreement, for now, is far from being reached. 672 votes are needed (the plenum of the electors today is 1008 instead of 1009, due to the death of the Forza Italia deputy Vincenzo Fasano) to immediately elect the President of the Republic. And given that the majority of the parties, with rare exceptions, have chosen not to indicate any names, an en plein of blank ballots is looming. Both the center-left chose the white card (Pd, M5s and Leu), than the center-right (Lega, Forza Italia and FdI). Also Italy alive and Courage Italy.

The big voters of Action, on the other hand, in the ballot will write the name of the current Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia, announced Calenda.

Even the big voters of Alternativa (the parliamentarians mostly ex M5s who are part of a component of the Misto and sit in the opposition of the government) did not opt ​​for the white ballot but to indicate the name of Paolo Maddalena.

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