Johnson celebrated his birthday with employees – despite the lockdown

A media report made new allegations against British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that he had disregarded the corona lockdown rules. Johnson celebrated his birthday in June 2020 despite a ban on indoor contact, broadcaster ITV News reported on Monday.

The broadcaster quoted a reply from the Prime Minister’s office, after which some employees in the cabinet room had gathered to wish Johnson a happy birthday. “He stayed there for less than ten minutes,” the letter said. The ITV news chief said around 30 guests attended the birthday party and Johnson’s wife Carrie surprised him with a cake.

Johnson recently apologized repeatedly for various parties and possible misjudgments – including with Queen Elizabeth. The latest revelations have slumped approval ratings for Johnson, who has been battered by various scandals for weeks, and also for his Conservative party. Johnson was able to fend off an internal party revolt last week.

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