The Vienna Talks: Significant Disagreements in the U.S. Negotiation Team

In the midst of negotiations between the powers and Iran, the Wall Street Journal reported this morning (Tuesday) significant disagreements among the American negotiating team.

According to the report, the team members are divided over the level of toughness to be demonstrated against Tehran, and regarding the stage at which the United States must withdraw from the talks, according to sources involved in the details.

U.S. officials have confirmed that Iran’s special envoy, Richard Nafio, has left the team. Early December.

The report in the Wall Street Journal is published in the wake of Iran’s announcement yesterday that it rejects the US’s preconditions for renewing the nuclear deal, including the release of American prisoners imprisoned in Iran.

Meanwhile, over the weekend it was reported on the American network NBC that Russia has offered Iran to sign a temporary nuclear deal, in exchange for some relief in sanctions. On the other hand, a number of restrictions will be imposed on Tehran’s nuclear program.

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