Turkey: Uprising of the pop stars against Erdogan

Also the German one Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, Cem Özdemir, showed his solidarity with Aksu and criticized the regime. “It’s the old game of authoritarian regimes when they’re under pressure again: start wars, incite against minorities or declare people to be targets. Therefore full solidarity with the great Turkish singer’ he wrote on Twitter.

First Prophet

Aksu’s song is said to have offended the biblical figures Adam and Eve. In Islam, Adam is considered the first prophet while Eve was his wife. They are therefore practically taboo for devout Muslims. Many Islamist groups have attacked Sezen Aksu over the lyrics and protested in front of her home in Istanbul.


“Some pseudo-artists have competed with each other to belittle our national and spiritual values ​​and insult religion under the guise of art,” said Murat Sahin, president of the so-called “National Defense Movement,” which is very close to Erdogan’s AKP.

He finally escalated the debate when, during Friday prayers, he recommended cutting off the singer’s tongue. “It is our duty to cut these tongues,” he said.

“It’s about my country”

The singer had been silent about everything so far – even when an angry mob gathered from her home. According to Erdogan’s statement, she spoke up for the first time. Sezen Aksu thanked everyone who is by her side on her Facebook page. She also added the lyrics to her 2010 song “Hop dek” to the post, to which she wrote a new line. Among other things, it says: “Pain wherever I look. I am the prey, you are the hunter. You cannot crush my tongue.”

Aksu added the promise: “I’ve been writing for 47 years… I’ll keep writing.” The singer also made it clear: It’s not about me, it’s about the country.”

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