Matteo Renzi: “From the center – right level names but we will not vote for them”

The three center-right candidates? “I think we have taken a step forward, because we are finally starting to discuss names. Enough of this handful of white cards, which are badly linked to the situation we are experiencing. The center-right has put in three level names, I believe that tomorrow we will not vote for center-right candidates: the President of the Republic is not a judgment on the person, but it is the choice of the most suitable candidate to be President of the Republic. “This is the position by the leader of Italia Viva, Matteo Renzi, in Cartabianca, on Rai 3.

“In my opinion Draghi is still on track to be president of the Republic. I think Casini could be the guarantor of the institutions, but I think Draghi could go to the Quirinale”, he added. “We need a President of the Republic who has different powers and is elected by the citizens. It is time to make a great agreement between everyone and have the citizens elect the President of the Republic. In 2029, the Italians will elect him ”

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