Plenković se izvinio Ukrajini zbog izjave Milanovića

Today, the Prime Minister of Croatia, Andrej Plenković, apologized to the Ukrainians for the statement of President Zoran Milanović that Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries, saying that it has nothing to do with the policy of the Croatian government.

Plenković told reporters in Zagreb that “these statements are offensive to Ukraine, a friendly country” to Croatia.

“I hereby apologize to the Ukrainians, the Ukrainian government, one of the first countries to recognize Croatia and which currently has occupied territories, as Croatia had,” Plenković said.

Asked about Milanovic’s statement that in case of escalation of the conflict on the Ukrainian-Russian border, he will withdraw Croatian soldiers and that Ukraine has no place in NATO, Plenković said that they are “unreal”, and added that Croatia has no soldiers in Ukraine.

He stated that the contingent of the Croatian army that was in Poland within the NATO forces had returned these days, and that three or four soldiers remained in that country.

Plenković said that it was not the first time that Croatian ambassadors were invited to the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, since Milanović made a statement, alluding to the fact that the authorities in Kiev invited the Croatian ambassador for talks.

“Remembering the statements about Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, and now Ukraine, it seems to me more like a consistent improvement of good bilateral relations with a number of countries that are very important to us,” Plenković said ironically.

He said that he had talked with the Ukrainian ambassador to Croatia, that it was “normal for a man to be disappointed” and that he understood that Ukrainians “were not thrilled with what they heard”.

Commenting on the crisis on the Ukrainian-Russian border, Milanovic told reporters yesterday that he would withdraw “to the last” Croatian soldier if the situation escalates, because Croatia has nothing to do with the conflict.

He also said that this was a serious crisis that “has nothing to do with Ukraine and Russia, but with the dynamics of American domestic policy”, that Ukraine has no place in NATO and that it is one of the most corrupt countries.

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