BIRODI: Po kojim kriterijumima su Evroparlamentarci odlučili sa kojim NVO će se sastati u Srbiji

Today, the Bureau for Social Research (BIRODI) called on the representatives of the European Parliament involved in the negotiations on improving electoral conditions in Serbia to make public the criteria on the basis of which they compiled a list of non-governmental organizations to meet during a visit to Serbia. dialogue.

MEPs will be in Serbia from today until January 29.

“This request is primarily motivated by the need for the mediation mission of the European Parliament to perform its activities in a way that preserves its integrity and the trust of Serbian citizens in the values ​​of the European Union as a union of democracies and integrity,” BIRODI said in a statement.

The organization pointed out that it hoped that the omission of BIRODI from that list had nothing to do with the analysis of the recommendations of the conclusions from the inter-party dialogue in which they pointed out solutions that are against the law and undermine the integrity of the election process.

“The results of the analysis are the result of an analysis of the risk of the integrity of the election process, ie the analysis of competencies, primarily of the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media whose statutory competencies were taken over by the body to which members were appointed.” in Article 6 of the Constitution of Serbia “, it is added.

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