Vulin: Zvicer wants to take revenge on Vučić, we have assumptions about his whereabouts
Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin said today that the organized criminal group, allegedly led by Radoje Zvicer, “wants to take revenge on Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, since the state managed to break up large drug cartels.”Vulin told Serbian Radio and Television that there were “very reasonable assumptions about where Zvicer is” and reiterated that “he does not work alone, but has a political boss”.

According to him, that political boss is not in Serbia, but is “part of the government structures of some countries close to us” and that he is “a man who has been leading similar people like Radoje Zvicer for decades”.

Asked who he was, the minister said that “it would not be correct to come up with names before the indictment is filed”.

“It is more than clear that people like Zwitzer did not come into being or become without the active participation of politics and without a role in the implementation of appropriate politics,” said Vulin.

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