The Americans are demanding clarifications from Israel regarding the circumstances of the death of the 80-year-old Palestinian, a US citizen, at an IDF checkpoint about two weeks ago.

The US State Department today sent a letter to the IDF with sharp questions about the fact that the investigation into Omar Assad’s death has not yet ended.

The IDF spokesman said in response that a quick MPI investigation is underway that will be completed soon and that the organization views the incident seriously.

Omar ‘Abd al-Majid Assad, an 80-year-old Palestinian with American citizenship, was found dead about two weeks ago, after being detained by an IDF force in the Ramallah area.

According to security sources, a force from the Eternal Judea Battalion carried out a check post, a temporary checkpoint, in the area and the Palestinian was detained and handcuffed. Security officials stressed that he was released alive.

A few hours later, Assad was found dead, apparently as a result of a medical incident. No signs of violence were found on his body.

A force from the Eternal Judea Battalion operated in the village of Gilgilia, north of Ramallah, after midnight. Assad returned home around 01:00 from a visit to family or friends.

The soldiers took him out of the vehicle, claiming that he got angry and opposed a security check. They arrested him, handcuffed him, covered his eyes with a flannel and put him in an abandoned building.

The family says he suffered from respiratory problems and heart problems and died during the night. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, he died as a result of a heart attack.

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