Russia imposes further entry bans on EU representatives

In response to EU sanctions, Russia has blacklisted other senior European officials and banned them from entering the country. The Foreign Ministry in Moscow said on Friday that it was a reaction to an “absurd” policy of “unilateral restrictions” from Brussels. The entry bans primarily affect representatives of some EU countries “who are personally responsible for the propagation of anti-Russian policies”.

Representatives of law enforcement agencies as well as legislative and executive bodies are affected. Russia never mentions names, unlike the EU and the USA, for example. Sometimes those affected only notice at the border that they are being refused entry and are then sent back to their countries.

Moscow accused Europe of an “illegal, destructive and senseless policy of unilateral restrictions on Russia”. The entry bans are apparently related to EU sanctions against Russians who want to implement Kremlin laws on the Ukrainian Black Sea peninsula of Crimea, which was annexed in 2014.

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