Shock in the Caribbean: President of Haiti, Journal Moises (Jovonel Moïse) was killed today (Wednesday) in his home by assassins, according to an official statement from the state government.

Moises’ wife, Martin, was also injured during the assassination, and she is hospitalized in critical condition at the hospital, after apparently being shot by gunfire.

According to the statement released by the Prime Minister, Claude Joseph, the identity of the killers is unknown, but it is said that they spoke Spanish. Joseph added in a brief statement he released to local and global media that the act was “despicable, inhuman and barbaric”.

Haitian President Juvenel Moises (Photo: Reuters)

Moises took office as the 42nd Haitian president in February 2017. Moises headed the PTHK party, and after a number of irregularities in the country’s election campaign, took office and replaced former interim president Joslem Perry. During his adult life he was a successful businessman, a native of Haiti, had been married to Martin since 1996 and they have three children.

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