The Argentine Episcopal Conference’s statement following Benedict XVI’s passing

The organization dismissed the emeritus pope, who passed away this past Saturday at the age of 95, through a statement. He was thanked for “serving the Church,” they said.

The Argentine Episcopal Conference was where the bishops assembled. This past Saturday, they said Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI farewell and thanked him for his “service to the Church” before his passing away in Italy at the age of 95.

They did so by signing a statement that was made public by the group and was signed by the general secretary, Alberto Bochatey, the first vice president, Marcelo Colombo, the second vice president, Carlos Azpiroz Costa, and the president of the Argentine Episcopal Conference, Monsignor Oscar Ojeda.

The document opens, “The Bishops of Argentina pray for the eternal repose of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, who has left today for the Father’s house, joined with all the holy loyal people of God.”

They emphasized his “kind dedication” to the end of his life and his “greatness” in choosing to resign in February 2013 in it, which is added to the message shared through his official Twitter account, where they tweeted an image of him announcing his death.

“We express our gratitude for his tremendous dedication and service to the universal Church throughout his life, together with his strong faith, unwavering hope, and shining example of compassion. He has provided the Church with a magisterium that supports his evangelization and pilgrimage because he is firmly rooted in Christ “they emphasized.

When his health became too precarious for him to fully carry out his mission, they continued: “He had the greatness to resign in function of the Church which he loved dearly.”

They ended by making a reference to Pope Francis, who will officiate at Benedict XVI’s burial next Thursday.

“Since that time, he has been able to care for her by fervent prayer and represent her in the presence of God; in the words of Pope Francis, “it has been a grace that maintained and sustains the Church.” We beseech the Everlasting Light, Christ the Good Shepherd, to shine for him. May the Virgin Mary, her patron Saint Joseph, and all the Saints appear to welcome her into the home of God, “In its statement, the Argentine Episcopal Conference made its conclusion.

Benedict XVI’s demise

The 95-year-old Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI passed away on Saturday, December 31. The death happened in the Mater Ecclesiae Monastery house at 9:34 Italian time, according to the Vatican.

He was a prominent theologian in Church history and stood in the spotlight at the Vatican’s summits for forty years. As a Cardinal Guardian of Doctrinal Orthodoxy and Church Discipline since 1981, first.

In practice, Joseph Ratzinger was the second-most important and influential person in the Church throughout the lengthy 26-year pontificate of Karol Wojtyla. He was Saint John Paul II’s go-to man.

By designating him Dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals, the Polish Pope paved the way for his succession and gave him the opportunity to lead the 115 cardinals who chose him as Benedict XVI in the Sistine Chapel over the course of two days in 2005.

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