“there is no hope”: About two weeks after the building collapse disaster in Miami, tonight (Wednesday through Thursday) state authorities informed the families of the missing about a change of mission for the rescue teams: Instead of rescuing and rescuing should move to work in ‘body search’. According to the rescue authorities, the chances of finding living survivors in the disaster were zero.

According to an AP report, professionals have been preparing the families for the worst in recent days, telling them that “there is no chance of finding life.” And the families, they just want to bring an end to the affair – to bury their loved ones.

Controlled destruction of part of the building at the disaster site in Miami | Photo: AP

“At this point we have really exhausted all the options before us in the search and rescue mission,” Miami-Dade Mayor Daniela Levin Cava said at a news conference. “We have all asked God for a miracle, so the decision is extremely difficult.”

Authorities’ announcement that there is no chance of finding live survivors among the missing comes after earlier this week part of the building was demolished in a controlled manner. The excavations in this part of the disaster site led to the discovery of additional bodies.

Delegation of the Israel Home Front Command in Miami (Photo: The Israeli Consulate in Miami)
Home Front Command delegation at the disaster site in Miami | Photo: The Israeli Consulate in Miami
Building collapsed in Miami United States (Photo: Reuters)
Disaster in Miami: Dozens killed and missing in building collapse | Photo: Reuters

During the press conference, it was also learned that the official death toll rose to 54 people, after eight more bodies were found at the scene of the disaster. Of the 54 victims, 33 have been identified so far, and there are still 86 people defined as missing.

Miami-Dade Fire Chief Alan Kominski said he expects the autopsy to continue for several weeks. Assistant Ray Jadala told the families of the victims in a private briefing that crews will stop using rescue dogs and listening devices, but will continue to search for their loved ones. “Our sole responsibility at this stage is to bring it to an end.”

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