The death toll in the demolition of a 12-story building in the US state of Florida has increased to 78 today, while 62 people are still listed as missing.

Part of the building in Surfside, near Miami, collapsed 16 days ago, and rescuers are still searching for the victims in the ruins.

Rescuers’ efforts are now focused on finding the bodies, not the survivors. They promised to continue working until they completely cleared the terrain.

Authorities announced on Wednesday that they were no longer looking for survivors, after concluding that “there is no chance of life” in the ruins anymore.

After the first few hours had passed since the demolition of the building on June 24, no one was found alive in the rubble.

Among those killed was the sister of Paraguay’s first lady. At the time of the demolition of part of the building, there were several citizens of Latin American countries in it.

Florida officials have promised financial assistance to the families of the victims and the residents of the building who lost all their property.

Authorities have opened a thorough investigation into the demolition of part of the building.

According to the report from 2018, the building had “major structural damage” that needed to be thoroughly repaired.

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