GSS official on Iran: “There is a deliberate hand here to create chaos”

Eric (Harris) Barbing, former head of the GSS’s cyber division, referred in an interview with Ben Caspit and Winon Magal on 103FM radio to the report that the cyber attack disrupted public transportation in Iran and the possibility that Israel was behind this attack. I understand that it can not be that we have a sequence of so-called administrative technical disruptions, apparently there is here a hand or intentional hands to produce a kind of chaos. That sounds reasonable to me. ”

Barbing went on to say that “cyber space and cyber warfare play an important role in the war between Israel that is not unique to Israel and Iran or Israel and other arenas of action and is happening elsewhere in the world. Distance has no meaning.”

“Nothing is hermetic. Israel is in a very advanced state in this respect, but other countries that invest in technology and do little to protect their national infrastructures, such as railways, are becoming vulnerable and everything connected to the Internet in advance is more vulnerable. Today, almost everything is connected. .

According to Barbing, “The best hackers in the world are not far from you. Such moves are moves that can be made by state or power elements, cyber powers. There are several powers in the world defined by cyber powers that have very good capabilities, Israel is still in fifth and sixth place. This is what former Prime Minister Netanyahu said, and I imagine that others also define us as a cyber power. A little late. ”

Barbing added that “a country with significant cyber defense is expected to recognize this in the early stages but in the offensive zone as in everything needs preliminary intelligence, gathering, a great deal of in-depth work and ultimately building cyber capabilities, and making a strategic decision at the political level.”

Barbing was asked whether any such attack reveals the abilities and causes the enemy to defend against a similar attack. He said that “this is also true of the physical battlefield. Hamas in the Wall Guard operation realized that if it fires hundreds of rockets at once, the percentage of non-detection of the Iron Dome plays into its hands – invent an idea to deal with it. In cyber it is very similar, so you the sensitive ammunition Yours, your quality will not waste on events of the kind that have been recently.

Barbing added that “you will keep the doomsday weapon, which is a bit of a hard word, very significant cyber damage to very complex days or operations, which require depth penetration into areas that are cut off from the media and that the opponent is trying to hide and conceal.”

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