Following the acute economic crisis in the country and the poor treatment of the widespread eruption of the corona – thousands of people took part in rare demonstrations against the government • In several hotspots there were clashes with police forces and arrests were made:


Photo: Reuters

“Enough of the dictatorship”: Thousands of people took to the streets of Cuba last night (Sunday to Monday) to protest against the government’s conduct in the communist country – following the country’s acute economic crisis and poor treatment of the corona plague. At several points, the protesters clashed with police and made arrests.

These protests are considered a rare spectacle in the country and have not been seen in it for many years. Protesters chanted slogans against the government, posted posts in protest on social media and demanded “freedom.” They expressed their distress in the various cities – in view of the significant shortage of corona vaccines, food and medicines.

Protesters were furious at the conduct of Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canal, who heads the Communist Party, and declared: “We are not afraid.” In response, he accused the United States of agitation that led to demonstrations – during a speech broadcast on local television.

The country of about 11.3 million people has recently suffered a significant increase in corona spread with a new record in the daily verified number. The country’s health ministry expressed concern about the data and said that “these are alarming numbers that are rising every day.”

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