Belgrade dailies continue to write on the front pages of Tuesday, July 13, about Novak Djokovic’s victory at Wimbledon, and announce a possible third dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

Hello Doctors about the corona virus: “We have entered the fourth wave of the corona.”

FLASH The largest part of the front page is occupied by 20 photos of Novak Djokovic with the trophies of the Grand Slam tournament: “It is no longer a question of whether the best Novak is without borders.” Before the Olympic Games, the optimist water polo selector “Dejan Savić: The medal depends only on us”.

EVENING NEWS About Djokovic’s victory under the title: “Champion gene Everyone falls, he never”. The paper announces that due to the “delta strain”, the coronavirus is “the oldest first in line” for the third dose of the vaccine.

TODAY The central topic is the attempt to ban the broadcast of the documentary “Serbian Mother” within the series “Heroes of the Evil Age”, entitled “Ceca as an Icon of Serbian Failure”. Former tennis players Nikola Pilić and Radmilo Armenulić on the occasion of the 20th Djoković title: “Tennis Napoleon has no competition”.

INFORMER State Secretary at the Ministry of Health Mirsad Djerlek and Deputy Director of the University Clinical Center Nis Radmilo Jankovic told the paper about the corona virus: “People, are we normal?”

COURIER Musician David Geta: “I’m thinking of buying an apartment in Serbia.”

POLITICS An “agreement in principle” was reached on a new dose of the vaccine against kovid-19: “The third vaccine for those whose immunity is endangered”. The paper also conveys the assessment of “Global Finance” on security in Serbia: “Our country is the safest in the region.”

SERBIAN TELEGRAPH The paper writes about Srebrenica “German ambassador about Srebrenica: they blame Serbia for genocide, because it is not in NATO”.

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