Digital human rights organizations today (Tuesday) called on American investors and regulators to prevent the Israeli cyber company “Celebrity” from being listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange, claiming that the company sells tools to governments that oppress their citizens.

Celebrity provides legal digital tools that can extract information from mobile phones. It provides service to police and enforcement authorities in many countries around the world. In April it was announced that the company would be issued on the stock exchange.

As mentioned, the rights organizations addressed an open letter to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and investors urging them to “suspend the IPO transaction until the company proves that it has taken the necessary measures to ensure that it does not infringe on human rights.”

The organizations said that “the company continues to sell its products to regimes of a repressive nature” and that it has not exposed to its investors the human rights violations that these regimes claim to be committing.

It added that “the Committee on Securities and Stock Exchanges, NASDAQ, investors and legislators must ensure that human rights are not violated.”

A Celebrity spokesman said that “the company limits its customers in the way it uses its technologies” and that it is considering adopting a “policy of human rights records and anti-corruption laws”.

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