The president of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SAA), Dragan Djilas, stated today in Bor that state money should be invested in the treatment of children and solving health problems, and not in “abnormalities such as digitalization of the tourist offer during the corona virus”.

Djilas stated at the press conference that the company whose owner is “known for being the partner of a man who conducts public opinion research and informs that the Serbian Progressive Party and Aleksandar Vucic have over 100 percent of the votes” received five million euros for the digitalization of Serbia’s tourist offer. “.

He said that “such are the researches of IPSOS”, and compared them with the time when, as he stated, “Jezda (Jezdimir Vasiljevic) was a candidate for president and said that a product would be 100 percent cheaper”.

“In this situation, this state gives five million euros for digitalization at the time of the crown, of course it was the only offer in the public competition as if no one in Serbia could do that job,” he said.

Djilas also mentioned that at the same time we have another child who suffers from a rare disease and needs two million euros for treatment.

According to him, it is necessary to make priorities.

“Can the president invite the one who is struggling to find two million euros for this child, can we first solve those things and save the lives of the children, solve the health care and then digitize the tourist offers,” Djilas asked.

The vice president of the SAA, Marinika Tepic, said that the repression of the regime against everyone who thinks with their head is increasing and that it can be seen on the covers of tabloids.

According to her, “entering the red” and labeling every person who thinks differently is forthcoming.

“That is why it is important to understand that really no one can do it alone, neither can we, and the regime is counting on that,” she said.

She noted that in the fight against the regime, “the unity of all free-thinking people who no longer want to live as they live” is needed.

SAA Vice President Dejan Bulatović said that the SAA would “bring life back to the village”, that it would guarantee the price of agricultural products to those who sign a contract with the state.

“When they talk about anti-hail protection, we see that it does not exist, when we talk about drought, we see how irrigation canals do not work, and the future government will take care of that,” he said.

The Deputy President of the SAA, Borko Stefanović, said that in order to change the government, it is necessary to gather all the people who want Serbia to change for the better.

“Let’s gather everyone who wants this kleptomaniac government to go to the dustbin of history, … all people, all organizations, all parties that have it in their hearts to change Serbia for the better on a common front,” he said.

He also stated that, when the SAA is in power in Bor, “there will be no extraterritoriality.”

“Our fight is not just a fight for clean air, it is a fight for RTB Bor to stay, survive and prosper,” he said.

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